Marsha P. Johnson State Park – Brooklyn, NY (2022)

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In 2022 Galvin Bros. completed the $5.3 million rehabilitation project at Marsha P. Johnson State Park in Brooklyn, NY for the New York State office of Parks, Recreation, & Historical Presrvation. The rehabilitation began with the removal of over 9000 CY of contaminated material and demolition of existing underground concrete footings. Galvin then installed a new stormwater drainage system, irrigation lines, and re-graded the entire site. Galvin constructed 9000 SF of permeable cast-in-place concrete walkways and 5 large bioretention basins to recycle rainwater back into the groundwater table. Galvin Bros. finished by providing extensive landscaping services and paving an existing maintenance yard. Throughout the process Galvin worked carefully to ensure that all construction activity would not negatively affect the historical features on site such as old footings and rail tracks. The riverside park also included signage paying tribute to Marsha P. Johnson, a local New York City activist in the 1980’s