NYC Pier 76 (2021)

Posted in Building Services

Project Cost: $21,000,000

This $21 Million project was completed in 11 weeks while fully complying with COVID 19 restrictions. Pier 76 was the NYPD Manhattan Tow Pound facility, the tow pound was decommissioned and the building was selectively demolished, leaving part of the structural steel framework intact. The framework was cleaned and painted, the pier was paved, perimeter railings, pier lighting, benches and precast planters were installed. A utility room, communications and electrical rooms were constructed and a 20 ft diameter propeller from the SS United States passenger liner was installed. The 5.6 Acre pier was opened to the public on July 8th, 2021 and serves as an public open space with panoramic waterfront views and a flexible outdoor space that has hosted US Open and Tribeca Film Festival events in its first few weeks of operation.