Saw Mill Creek Mitigation Bank project (2018)

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Project Cost: $9,500,000

Saw Mill Creek is the first state and federally approved mitigation bank in New York City. The project tackled restoring 56 acres of the wetlands that were impacted greatly by debris and need to be restored to their original elevation.  Saw Mill Creek, located on the west shore of Staten Island, served as illegal dumping and invasive weeds for years. During the project more than 40,000 cubic yards of debris and soil were removed from the project limits. Grades were reestablished to restore the wetlands, marshlands and mudflats that make up the Saw Mill Creek watershed, creating additional acres of wetland. The remediated areas were planted with new native salt marsh and shrubs repairing the ecological state. The Saw Mill Creek Pilot Wetland Mitigation Bank project transformed the marsh into a functioning tidal wetland again.