Shirley Chisholm State Park in Brooklyn, NY (2019-2020)

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Galvin Bros., Inc. completed the $41 Million two-phase construction of Shirley Chisholm State Park in 2020 as part of Governor Cuomo’s Vital Brooklyn initiative, while adhering to Covid-19 restrictions under an accelerated timeline. The 407-acre park was constructed on top of the former Pennsylvania and Fountain Avenue landfills, making it the largest state park in New York City. A bike path connects the Fountain and Pennsylvania entrances for ultimate walking and biking convenience.

Two miles of asphalt and stone pathways weave through fields of native grasses and plants and feature over one hundred handmade ash and locust log benches. GBI built an administration campus with maintenance, office, and police buildings, new parking lots, electrical, water, and sanitary systems, installed two steel pier shade structures with custom benches, a floating dock and 80’ gangway, bike rental stations, information booths, wayfinding signage and wrappings, a pedestrian bridge, two education centers, and two yurts for gathering.

The Pennsylvania Avenue access presents waterfront access and fishing from the pier. The Fountain Avenue access features a sky bowl area, which was constructed on a foundation of geofoam blocks and boasts stunning views of Jamaica Bay. The park presents an attractive color scheme, which you can find throughout the park on fence screenings, buildings, and a large mural of Shirley Chisolm at the Pennsylvania entrance, hand-painted by a local artist.