Shorefront Park Living Shoreline and Little Creek Restoration

Posted in Civil Services

The Living Shoreline and Litte Creek Restoration Project at Shorefront Park for the Village of Patchogue was designed to mitigate flooding and coastal erosion while reducing the wave energy from storm surges and coastal flooding. The project consisted of removing the timber bulkhead and replacing it with a living shoreline composed of rip-rap and native marshland plantings bordered by a concrete esplanade. Restoring Little Creek, the park’s central feature, involved reconnecting it to the bay. This restored tidal flushing and increased stream flows and capacity, aiding in mitigating upstream flooding caused by heavy rain events. These measures effectively alleviate the creek’s flooding, stagnation, and poor water quality, while also protecting neighboring residents against potential septic system failures. The project introduced a new kayak launch, improved drainage, a lit concrete walkway, and site furnishings for enhanced recreational and aesthetic appeal.