Village of Ocean Beach Phase 1 Sanitary and Stormwater Improvements Project

Posted in Environmental Services

The Phase 1 Sanitary and Stormwater Improvements Project, was located along the main commercial thoroughfare alongside the ferry terminal and Bay Walk in the Village of Ocean Beach on Fire Island. Given Fire Island’s status as a barrier island accessible primarily by boat, the project faced logistical challenges.  The scope of work included securing essential permits and implementing a complex dewatering operation to manage both stormwater and saltwater from tidal surges and to enable the installation of the stormwater and sanitary improvements.  Major tasks included installing sophisticated stormwater system including a pump station, intricate dewatering operations and sanitary piping including continuous bypass pumping.  Additionally, removal, regrading to manage water flow and replacement of concrete walkways.  Enhancements also featured fencing, as well as coordination with electrical work. All construction was scheduled during the off-season to minimize disruption to the community. This project not only successfully upgraded the local infrastructure but also navigated and overcame substantial challenges.